Renting Skid Steers From Sprint Rentals is the Best Way to Save Time and Money on Construction Projects.

We offer a wide range of skid steer rentals capable of handling anywhere from 4,500 pounds to 7,765 pounds so you can get the right machine for the job. Our top rental brands let you get the job done fast and easy.

Skid Steers of Any Size, Any Time

Sprint Rentals offers a world-class selection of rugged, versatile skid steers. These machines are built to tackle your toughest jobs, and are available for rental at the best prices. We take the tedium out of managing material handling. These compact utility loaders and walk behind skid steers products are ideal for a wide range of jobs from demolition, renovation, remodeling, and moving materials around job sites.

Pushing the limits of what’s possible with skid steer equipment, Sprint Rentals provides versatile units capable of tackling any challenge. With quick coupler system, attachments can be swapped out depending on the job at hand. Consider what you can get done more quickly with a Skid Loader. Fast delivery? Saving time and money? Moving things from a couple feet to several hundred feet? All of these are areas where the right skid loader can make big changes.

Skid Steer Attachments Are Always Available

Whatever your jobsite, we’re equipped for it with a range of advanced attachments. Whether you need a powerful compact model or an ultra-powerful machine with the highest load rating in its class, Sprint Rentals has the skid steer for you. The skid steer rental experts at Sprint Rentals ensure that you have the resources to efficiently and safely tackle any job. From small-scale jobs to large construction projects, our models are built for the job. We also carry an extensive selection of attachments and work tools to make the most out of your rental experience.

Renting a skid steer from Sprint Rentals is smart business. It allows you to try different models all on one site without having to drive to numerous places, negotiate prices, and figure out financing. We’re in the business of saving you time and money, and we’d like to help you with your project. Explore our options today, and let us help you get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

No matter what model you rent, all skid steers maneuver the same way. The left and right sides of a skid steer have two separate engines, and so turning is done by increasing the speed of the wheels or treads on the opposite side of the direction you’d like to turn.

Due to these models being the most powerful you’ll find, these skid steers are best used for demolition and excavation work.

These models can be used as backhoes or diggers in areas where those machines normally cannot fit due to the skid steers compact size.

Small-frame models are best for interior work or landscaping, any job that needs high maneuverability in a tight space.

None. When referring to a “Bobcat”, most people are still referring to a skid steer. Bobcat is one of the brands that manufactures skid steers and so in the same way people say “Google it” when they mean “search it”, people may look for a “Bobcat” when the exact term is a “skid steer”.

Skid steers come in about three different sizes or frames. Small frames are less than 1750 lbs. on average, and have less than 50 horsepower. Medium frames weigh between 1750-2200 lbs. and have about 50-70 horsepower. Large frames weight over 2200 lbs. and have more than 70 horsepower.

Generally, the most significant differences between any two models is their maximum load capacity and whether they have four wheels or two tracks.

Skid steers can be used for many types of jobs, from dozing and grading to digging and lifting materials. With the recent winter storm in consideration, it should also be known that Skid Steers can also be used for snow removal.

Generally, Skid Steers are most useful for in smaller scale project areas where maneuverability and an adaptable piece of machinery is most useful.

Wheeled steers should be used on even ground or tough terrain like concrete. Tracked steers should be used for more uneven types of terrain like snow, mud, and sand as those are the exact situations tracks were built for.


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