When You Need a Quick Workspace for Your Commercial or Business Project, Sprint Rentals Offers a Wide Range of Office Trailers for Rent.

Sprint Rentals has a wide variety of rentable office trailers that are built to meet the unique needs of our clients. We deliver and set up your office trailer with a team of friendly professionals who will ensure you have everything you need for your business, including furniture, security cameras, and more.

Various Office Trailer Sizes and Options Available

At Sprint Rentals, we’re here to make it easy for you to get the temporary office space you need. We offer short-term rentals, long-term leases, and any other mobile office solutions you need. We understand the importance of making a temporary office feel like a permanent one. That’s why each of our office trailers allow for personal customization for the duration of your rental to meet your organization’s unique needs. At Sprint Rentals, we want to give you the best rates for any type of office space solution. No matter what your needs are, we have options that fit every budget.

Why Rent an Office Trailer?

From start-up companies to established businesses, renters can save time and money in contrast to permanent solutions. Should your business needs change at any point, rental contracts allow complete flexibility around the cost and location of the site. Whether you use them for administrative tasks or for daily operations, our office trailers can fit any of your unique needs day in and day out.

Portable office trailers are also securable with card access locks, traditional key locks, or passcode locks to protect against theft. Security cameras as well as temporary fencing can securely anchor your staff and belongings. Any of these customizations can be added at your discretion once the trailer is on location, but must be removed the day of pick up.

Why Rent From Sprint Rentals?

At Sprint Rentals, our trained team can provide you with a complete and expertly set up mobile office trailer as soon as 24 hours or less. We are committed to providing quality trailers at a competitive price, along with professional quality service.

At Sprint Rentals, we offer a variety of mobile office trailers to fit your business needs. We offer an affordable solution that is ideal for temporary use or long-term leasing options. With no minimum commitments, our portable office trailers are a great alternative to permanent space that gives organizations the flexibility needed to expand or downsize their offices.

Frequently Asked Questions

It entirely depends on your building departments requirements, and so acquiring these permits if necessary is the responsibility of the renter.

Yes, the trailers are specifically built for multiple uses across many different job sites. The exact same trailer can be brought with you to as many projects as necessary as long as the rental agreement is extended.

No, the only temporary buildings we offer are office trailers of various different sizes and floor plans.

Our office trailers can be used for anything from construction sites and concerts to temporary offices or temporary workstations during disasters for healthcare professionals.

The renter is responsible for the cleanliness of the trailer, water drainage around the building to prevent damage, and changing air conditioner filters during your rental of any of our units.

Routine maintenance for standard wear and tear is our responsibility as per the lease agreement. Contact us for any maintenance and repairs needed during your rental period.

Before renting out one of our trailers, you should consider why you’re renting one, how many people will be using it at once, how accessible the planned location is, and how long you’ll need to be using the trailer.

The intended location should be accessible by truck before we are on location with your office trailer.

A permanent solution should be sought out in cases such as housing, long term school overpopulation, increasing office space, or anything that requires more space for more than a year.

Office trailers are conceptually one of the best solutions to temporary work environments like construction projects or overpopulated schools. These trailers can be dropped off at nearly any location faster and cheaper than it would be to build a temporary building on site.


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