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Reliable Equipment When You Need It

The right kind of support on construction sites is vital for the safety of people operating, using, and standing around them. Without reliable equipment, you also wouldn’t be able to demonstrate the utmost efficiency in your work.

Texas native, Sprint Rentals aims to facilitate the industrial needs of clients in industries that require heavy machinery. With extensive experience and professional insights, we have created a portfolio of high-quality and high-performance equipment to provide the best equipment the market has to offer.

In addition to equipment, Sprint Rentals has earned itself a reputable name in the associated service industry. We anticipate our client’s needs and meet them with a range of supplemental services required for the rented equipment.

Professional staff and 24/7 customer service will get you more than just a tool. Just give us a call and we’ll guide you on whatever you want to know. From suggesting the right equipment to offering affordable rentals available, you can count on us to deliver as per your requirements.

Our Boom Lifts Offer

  • Precision positions
  • Smooth performance with functional controls
  • Versatility in terms of positioning and applications
  • Sturdy and reliable handling

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