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Our inventory includes aerial lift boom lifts, scissor lifts, hand trucks and warehouse equipment. We provide machines for indoor facility maintenance, order pickers for warehouse and outdoor equipment for demanding job site work.

Reliable Equipment When You Need It

For high-intensity jobs that require lifting and transportation of heavy material at elevated heights, a high-quality and robust aerial lift is important. By renting a low-quality lift, you are putting your workers and your entire project at risk.

Our Boom Lifts Offer

  • Precision positions
  • Smooth performance with functional controls
  • Versatility in terms of positioning and applications
  • Sturdy and reliable handling

Sprint Rentals is the most reliable provider of aerial lift rental equipment in the state of Texas. Our machines are unsurpassed when it comes to meeting the needs of your project and offer exceptional horsepower and durable construction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not inherently, but just like any piece of machinery a lack of awareness for your surroundings or yourself along with a lack of training can potentially create danger.

These lifts are not recommended on semi steep inclines or hills, as the center of gravity is significantly higher in most cases and can easily lead to a tip over if careless.

OSHA requires that all employees wear fall arrest or travel restraint systems when working on a boom lift. This is for the safety of the workers as movement across uneven ground has the potential for a launch.

Most boom lifts are designed for one person only, although some models are capable of holding multiple people.

“Man lift” and “aerial lift” are terms that can be used interchangeably when describing lift platforms. Man lifts normally encompass boom lifts, scissor lifts, vertical personnel lifts, and spider lifts but do not always encompass specific subtypes of these categories.

Telescopic booms are equipped with a telescoping beam that is used for raising and lowering the beam whenever needed. They are additionally capable of horizontal reach far beyond other lifts of the same type.

A boom lift is an aerial lift platform supported by a hydraulic arm that enables individuals to work at height. The basic boom lift types are articulating, which use arms to facilitate more dynamic movement, and telescopic, which have a higher weight capacity but do not have nearly as much freedom of motion.

Jib Boom Lifts refer to aerial platforms with an additional articulation point that provides a greater range of motion for the platform. Depending on the model, jib booms enable the platform to move up or down or from side to side.

Max weight capacity of a boom lift varies from model to model. Please access our catalog or call us directly for specifications in this case.

To remain OSHA compliant, Only workers who are OSHA certified for machine aerial work platforms are allowed to operate boom lifts.


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