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Sprint Rentals has the answer to your short-term and long-term construction equipment rental needs. We have a wide variety of construction equipment including backhoes, wheel loaders, and motor graders, available whenever you need it most.

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The team at Sprint Rentals has the equipment you need for a total solution to your construction needs. We take the guesswork out of equipment selection, and provide tools such as portable lighting systems, air compressors, and more.

Construction Equipment You Can Count On

As a leading source for rentable construction equipment, we aim to provide high quality equipment at affordable rates. Our friendly staff will help you choose the best machine for your project needs and budget. Additional information for our rental policies include:

Sprint Rentals offers a wide range of high-quality equipment for rent to complete your project. From air compressors to wheel loaders, we have the equipment to ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget. With the latest in safety features and customer service, you can rest assured that all construction equipment rentals are of the highest standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although generally they are perceived to be the most difficult to use, motor graders are only slightly different to operate compared to other heavy equipment. With some practice and training they are just as manageable as any other piece of equipment.

Yes, but it’s best to still keep it under some form of cover. Extra strain from extreme weather such as heavy rain, snow, and sunlight in hot weather can shorten the compressors lifespan and in some cases put it out of commission.

Yes, as well as any generators you may have on your site. Most light towers have a ground stud and ours are no exception.

Motor graders are used to flatten different surfaces during the grading process. The general way these machines work is they use the attaches blade for both rough and fine grading.

Normally the average Backhoe Loader will begin to fail anywhere between 8,500 hours and 12,000 hours, although with part replacements and repairs, the loaders can theoretically last as long as it is cared for.

The bulbs themselves last around 1,000 hours but when being towed around the job site there are chances that the bulb will break the older it is. To ensure the tower itself will last, it’s important to maintain fuel and air filters while also keeping track of oil maintenance schedules.

Backhoe loaders are often used for moving large quantities of dirt, rocks, gravel, and other heavy materials on construction projects, farms, at landscaping companies and landfills. These machines essentially can be used to perform any digging job that is too large for a shovel or hand tools.

Wheel loaders act as giant, mobile shovels that scoop up materials to transport or move on to trucks. These loaders can lift most forms of debris, dirt, and gravel.

A front-end loader is just the general term encompassing all forms of heavy loaders. A key difference between wheel loaders and other loaders is that as the name implies, wheel loaders use wheels while most others use treads.

Tanks can explode if they become too corroded from the inside. Corrosion is most commonly caused by water accumulation, and so draining the tanks regularly can avoid this issue entirely.


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