Sand-X Beast Rental
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Sand-X Overview

One of the most challenging aspects of the oil and gas industry is to remain environmentally friendly while maintaining safety and profit margins.

Working hand in hand with industry leaders, The Thompson Group has developed the Sand X® Beast process to create environmentally friendly, safe and cost saving sand disposal.

Utilizing green technology the Sand X® process restores sand to be safe to use for any application.

How it Works

When the flowback fluids enter the Sand X the gas pressure is released into the frac tank. The hydrocarbons, water, and sand fall into the hopper. There is a screen that catches larger pieces of debris such as plugs, etc. for observation. The mixture begins to separate and, as the sand falls through the water, any hydrocarbons on the surface of the granules are displaced and float to the top of the mixture. The liquid rises to the hopper overflow and falls into the tank.
The sand settles into the auger and, by the time it is pushed out of the top of the hopper, it is merely damp.

According to independent test data, the hydrocarbon and chloride levels are safe enough to be incorporated into the environment, eliminating the expense of sand disposal.

The Sand X® process offers the following benefits:

  • Reduces the ecological impact of sand disposal
  • Reduces fractank cleanout expenses
  • Eliminates working confined space requirements
  • Proven successful on all sands including 100 mesh sand
  • Allows reuse of water for drilling
  • Eliminates hazardous waste exposure and disposal

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